Q: Does this come with a sd Card?

A: No. You have to buy it on your own. And we recommend you to use a class 10 SDHC card and max supported 32 GB. Please format it before use.


Q: How do you format the memory card before use?

A: After turning on the cam, press menu button to enter function settings and then press mode button to switch to system setting and then press confirm button to format the SD card.


Q: Does this dash cam have audio recording as well?

A: Yes, after turning on the cam, you can press menu button to enter video recording setting. Then press down button to select “record audio”, then press confirm button to choose on/off to turn on/off this function.


Q: Why the dash cam automatically shut down after 10 minutes recording?

A: The internal battery which can last about 15 minutes is for backup only. You need to use the auxiliary 12-24 volt power supply while using it. When USB power supply is not connected, the machine will be shut down after 3 minutes at default, which is a normal phenomenon. You don’t need to worry about it.


Q: After memory full, does it automatically rewrite?

A: This dash cam comes with loop recording setting, it will automatically rewrite the unlocked video and keep the TF card in the ‘non-full’ state which can ensure the normal recording of this dash cam.


Q: What's the highest and lowest temperature can the camera withstand?

A: Under normal circumstances, the using temperature range of this dash cam is minus 10 degrees to 60 degrees.


Q: Why didn’t I get any response when I press the camera menu?

A: You need press the OK button to stop the recording first and then you can press that MENU button and operate this dash cam.



Q:How can I see the videos?

A:You can see the videos directly on the camera as it has playback function. And you can also connect it to your computer via mini USB cable or with a card reader. 


Q:Does it have a microphone to record inside the vehicle ?

A: Yes, it does. When recording, you can switch volume by pressing the Mode button.While in the default mode , you can turn on or turn off the volume in the menu-Record Audio.


Q:Does this camera take pictures?

A: Yes , it does. This dash cam has 3 modes:Video Mode,Camera Mode and Playback Mode. You can use it to take pictures.