Q: Can I playback a video on the camera and how?

A: Yes. Turn on the camera, then press mode button to cycle through video, dashcam, photo, and playback modes. Chose the playback mode. Then you can view the video that you have recorded in this camera. Furthermore, if you have difficulties in operating the camera, you can refer to the following link to see an instructional video.

Link: https://youtu.be/beObmApHkhQ


Q: How does this camera work in cold & snow?

A: In order to maximize the battery efficacy, we advise you to use the camera at -10 ~ 45 degrees centigrade. Hope this can help you.


Q: How do I delete a video on the camera?

A: For your problem, you can operate it as the following steps:

1. Turn on the camera, then press the mode button to cycle through video, dash cam, photo, and playback modes, chose the playback mode

2.Chose the video or the photo file that you want to delete or save

3.Press the OK button to enter the video/photo file

4.Long press the DOWN button, then you can delete or save the file


Q: How long a video can you shoot ?

A: If you are referring to the life of the battery, you record 1080P videos, the battery can last about 2 hours. If you mean the capacity of the SD card, you can record about 2.4 hours 1080p/30fps videos if you use a 32 GB card.


Q: Do i have to buy a usb charger separatly?

A: Our camera comes with an USB charging cable, but there is no adapter. You can connect it to the computer to charge your camera. And you can also buy a usb charger. You can search Crosstour battery on Amazon.


Q: How do you upload it on youtube?

A: You can download the video to your phone or computer first and then you can upload it on YouTube. Or you can connect it to your computer to download the video.


Q: What is the memory card type?

A: We recommend you to use a Class 10 Micro SDHC card, and capacity no more than 32GB.


Q: How can I change date & time stamp?

A: 1.Turn on the camera, then press down button to enter setting mode

2.Use up/down and ok button to enter Date&Time setting

3.Press the ok button to enter the Date&Time setting

4. Long Press the ok button to move right for day, month.


Q: Is this compatible with go pro accessories?

A: Yes, this is compatible with most go pro accessories.


Q: Can this be mounted onto a tripod stand?

A: Yes. This can be mounted onto a tripod stand with a standard 1/4 inch thread.