Q: How long does the batterry last and with 32gb card how long does it film for?

A: The battery can last about 90 minutes under 4k resolution. With 32gb SD card, in 4k 25fps,you can film about 3.25 hours. 1080P 60fps-2.48 hours. 1080P 30fps-3.36 hours. 720P 120fps-2.48 hours. 720P 60fps-3.77 hours.


Q: Can i connect a microphone to this camera?

A: No, you can’t. But the camera has a built-in microphone. So you do not need to connect a extra microphone.


Q: Can I use the camera as a dashcam?

A: Yes, all of our cameras can be used as a dash cam. But we advise you not to quite use it as a dash cam because it's not as stable as a dash cam. It can bring out its value at most as an action camera.


Q: How do you know when the camera has finished charging?

A: The red charging indicator will stay on when thge camera is charging and turn off when it's fully charged.


Q: What is the maximum supported memory?

A: Class 10 max 32GB micro SDHC card.


Q: How do you recharge the batteries?

A: You can use our Crosstour battery charger. In addition, you can use the USB cable which the camera comes with to connect to computer to charge the batteries.


Q: How long does the battery take to recharge?

A: Charging with the power adapter takes about 2 hours.


Q: Does this camera record audio?

A: Yes, the camera can record audio. But if you use the waterproof case the sound won't be recorded. So if you don"t need to use the camera in water or wet environment, you can use the protective case which can record audio but protect your camera from hit, scratchens and so on.


Q: Does the video auto delete the oldest recording when the card is full?

A: If you open the loop recording in the settings, the camera will cover the oldest recording when the card is full. Otherwise, it will not. 


Q: What is the maximum WiFi range between the action camera and my mobile?

A: It is about 10 meters. But we suggest that you should not leave too far away from the camera so that the Wi-Fi can work better.