Q: Does the remote work under water?

A: No, remember not to use the remote underwater or it will get damaged.


Q: Does it come with memory card? Can it be used without memory card?

A: No it does not. If you do not use a SD card, you can not record videos and shoot pictures. If you need to purchase one, you have to choose class 10, max support 32GB SDHC card. In addition, you have to format it in the camera before use.


Q: How can i share videos and pictures?

A: Your phone can connect to wifi of the camera . After being connected, you can view, delete and download files from the camera to your phone. Then you can share them in your social media.


Q: How long does the camera work before it needs charging?

A: Normally, the camera can work about 90 minutes after a full charge. But the exact working time depends on the resolution, the temperature and the frenquency you operate on it.


Q: Is it possible to change the wifi password?

A: In order to keep the wifi stable, it's not allowed to change the password.


Q: What is the difference between CT8000 and CT9000?

A: CT8000 is 4k video and 12MP photos, while CT9000 is 4k video and 16MP photos. Furthermore, CT9000 is equipped with a remote control, which can help you capture more easily. And of course, CT9000 is of higher price.


Q: Why does the clear case have a different door with holes at the back when mounted on the bike?

A: Because the door without holes is used for underwater. In that case, sound cannot be recorded. But with the door with holes, you can record sound. But you can not use it in water as water will get in.


Q: How can i delete files?

A: Press up button to enter play back mode and you can see the files. Choose a file and then long press OK button, there will be words in the screen “Delete this file” Choose yes to delete files.

After deleting one file, it will automatically goes to next file.


Q: Does it have a standby mode with which the remote control is able to wake the camera?

A: Our camera does not have a standby mode. If you want to operate the camera with the remote control when you leave the camera and put it in a place where you can not reach. You have to turn off the power save and the screen saver. These 2 functions are to save the power if there is no operation on the camera at set interval.


Q: Can you change the output format of the videos to mp4?

A: Yes, you can download the video to your computer first and then change the output format of the video from MOV to MP4 through video transcoder.